Monday, July 23, 2012

Bateleur Eagle - Terathopius ecaudatus

Binomial name: Terathopius ecaudatus
Distribution: Sub-Saharan Africa and South Arabia
Diet: Animals pigeons, partridges and small
Body length: 24-30 cm Wingspan: 68.9 inches

Bateleur eagle is the national emblem of Zimbabwe. The Bateleur eagle's head is black. Her skin is soft red of her cheeks and the tip of the beak is black. The back of the bird is orange and wings is a mix of brown, black and white. These eagles mate for life and faith with others. In case of loss of a companion, the bird is another partner. Females lay eggs incubated alone and 42 to 43 days. Other birds of the family, sometimes the protection of unattended nests. Bateleur eagle is a bird in silence, but sometimes they can produce many different calls and barking.

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