Friday, July 20, 2012

What makes the Cheetah Run Fast

People often get confused between a leopard and a cheetah, because its points. The spots seen in the Cheetah, are round and black and the belly is white and has no signs of "breaking" famous flowing beneath their eyes to the mouth. We often wonder how fast a cheetah can run and there have been many studies to find the answer to this question. Scroll down and learn more.

How the fastest cheetah run
They saying "run like the wind" leopard costume when running through the field after their prey. Various calculations and studies must be done to find the truth and, ultimately, people have come to a conclusion, a cheetah running at a speed of 70 mph and kmh or mph will also 113kph and is like the speed of a machine.

A cheetah running a 40-meter race, a sprint and covers almost 40 meters and 36.58m. Here is the answer to your question, if the speed in miles per hour is reduced, then the answer to your question will be about one second for a career of 40 meters. If you are wondering the speed over a distance of 100 meters, is the answer to this question also, in a second if the cheetah covers a distance of 30 meters and can cover 100 meters in 3.33 seconds. Now let's see what the different physical characteristics that run faster.

What makes the Cheetah Run Fast

The main reason is the structure of his body, has a skeleton in length that is soft and can bend easily and also allows you to take great leaps mammals.

A small head and long, strong legs, it also plays an important role in making the race so fast cheetah. The semi-retractable claws on their long legs to help them get a good grip on the ground during the race.
The long tail, and the immensity of these animals helps balance the body and the tail acts as a rudder while running. They also have nostrils large that it can take more oxygen and hypertrophy of the heart and lungs of oxygen circulating properly and this is what gives power to run fast cheetah. The cheetah is totally dependent on its rate for food and a small wound can prevent them from running fast and supporting your body means you have stored fat to help cope.

To learn more about this animal, then you may experience some cheetah facts. After running for such a distance, the cheetah has to rest for half an hour before seeking its next prey.

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